Canada Visa - Saskatoon

Experience all that Saskatoon has to offer with its homey and small town feel with all the amenities that you would expect from a big city. Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan. Situated in central Saskatchewan, on the South Saskatchewan River this charming Canadian city is a real treat to explore. It gets its name from the Saskatoon berry, a sweet, violet-coloured berry that grows in the area. It is also popularly described as "Bridge City", due to its seven river crossings.

If you’re an adventure junkie, history buff, foodie, architectural enthusiast or nature lover – Saskatoon has something for everyone.

The most recent Census had the city population as 222,189 making it the largest city in Saskatchewan.

Weather in Saskatoon

Saskatoon experiences warm, pleasant summers and very cold winters. Saskatoon has four distinct seasons. Generally, Saskatoon weather is generally quite dry, with the wettest season occurring in the summer. During the summer months, thunderstorms are quite common in Saskatoon and you can expect high winds, torrential rain, hail, intense lightning and on some of those rare occasions, tornadoes!


Saskatoon is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city. Residents of the city of Saskatoon are called Saskatonians. An extensive tour of Saskatoon will show you that art, culture and heritage plays a pivotal role in the soul of this city. The culture of Saskatoon spans back to 1883 when the city was settled by a group of Toronto Methodists who wished to set up a dry community.

Saskatoon is a melting pot of different nationalities with a strong Ukrainian community. The Ukrainians arrived in Canada 100 years ago when Saskatoon was just a small village. The arrival of the Ukrainians all those years ago totally transformed life in Saskatoon for the better.

Jobs in Saskatoon

The economy of Saskatoon is strong with production of potash, oil and agriculture (specifically wheat), resulting in Saskatoon often being referred to as "POW City". The economy in Saskatoon is booming with an abundance of work for tradesmen, construction and transportation workers. Check the Go4less Jobs board for Saskatoon jobs!

Accommodation in Saskatoon

Generally the East side is the most desirable area to live in, consider Silverspring, Arbor Creek, Erindale, Lakeview, Lakeridge, and Wildwood.

You can also find good mid-priced homes in the West End (Mount Royal and Dundonald), in the Caswell Hill and City/North Park or in the North End (River Heights). A standard 2 bedroom house costs from $1000 per month.

Areas to be avoided are the Avenues named with letters known as Alphabet city or Alphabet soup.

Getting Around Saskatoon

The city of Saskatoon can be easily explored on foot. Saskatoon Transit also provides a comprehensive public transportation system that will bring you to wherever you need to get to, easily and quickly.

Saskatoon Airport

Flights to Saskatoon land at Saskatoon John G. Diefenbaker International Airport which is located only 7km from the city centre. Direct flights from Ireland are not possible but connections from other major Canadian cities will get you here.

Saskatoon Transit Route 40 and 12 serve the airport regularly. Taxis and car rental are also available at the airport.

Time in Saskatoon

The Central Standard Time Zone is used in Saskatoon all-year round.

Tourism Saskatoon

If it’s your first time in Saskatoon, it may be beneficial to visit the Tourism Saskatoon Office where very friendly and experienced staff will set you on the right path. The office is open from 8.15am to 5.00pm. It is located at 101-202 4th Avenue North.

Saskatoon’s Must See Attractions

The Delta Bessborough Hotel

A trip to Saskatoon’s top landmark – The Delta Bessborough Hotel should be at the top of your to visit list. Colloquially known as the Bez, this stunning building was built by the National Railway. It was one of the last railway hotels to be built before the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Even though it was built in 1932, it didn’t open its doors for another two years due to the Depression.

Meewasin Valley Trail

At Saskatoon’s Meewasin Valley visitors can enjoy activities such as cycling, jogging and walking. Cross Country skiing is very popular in Saskatoon during the summer months.

Beaver Creek Conservation Area

The Beaver Creek Conservation Area is an ecological site, which is devoted to the Prairie Habitat. During the summer months visitors can enjoy a trip on the Prairie Lily Riverboat Cruise which gives an awe-inspiring view of the city.

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

This National Historic Site is devoted to teaching visitors about the Northern Plains Indian culture.

Saskatoon Farmer’s Market

Located in the beautiful Riversdale District, the farmer’s market was founded in 1975 and hosts a market every Tues-Sun. The Market the best in local agricultural products, baking, prepared foods and crafts.

Western Development Museum

This historic museum allows visitors to be transported back in time where they can experience the days of the 1910 Boomtown. This incredible indoor street is filled with the sights and sounds of a bustling prairie town.

The Saskatchewan Railway Museum

All Aboard!!!! The Saskatchewan Railway Museum is a real treat for the whole family. Here, you will have the opportunity of getting on board a 1913 vintage sleeping car, street car, snowplough and caboose. Enjoy a guided tour of the newly restored Argo Station as well as other impressive Saskatoon railway buildings. A trip to the Kopko Interpretive Centre is highly recommended.

Mendel Art Gallery

Saskatoon’s Art scene is second to none. Visit the Mendel Art Gallery which houses a stunning collection of more than 7,500 local, regional and national pieces. It is located in Saskatoon’s historic City Park neighbourhood.

Nightlife in Saskatoon

Saskatoon is home to a large number of sports bars, which have become very popular with visitors and locals alike. Sit back, relax, have a drink, watch the game at the bar or have a game of pool or darts. Drink prices at these establishments are normally quite reasonable.

Downtown, Broadway Avenue and north Idylwyld Drive/33rd Street are the liveliest areas in the city.

Other bars in town require patrons to wear a specific dress code. Some of Saskatoon’s clubs don’t open their doors until 11pm, remaining open until 1.30-2am.

Annual Saskatoon Events

Visitors will enjoy experiencing Saskatoon’s arts, theatre, music, cultural and sporting events. When it comes to events Saskatoon offers visitors a fantastic variety throughout the year.

If you’re up for some winter fun and frolics you should make your way to the Farmers Market to see the ice sculptures at the Potash Corp Winter Shines Festival. A drive through the Enchanted Forest is a magical experience for the entire family. The Enchanted Forest is Saskatchewan’s top winter tourist destination. Visitors to Saskatoon will be able to see Canada’s largest outdoor light show.

Saskatoon Exhibition: This popular Saskatoon event takes place every early August. This is an annual fair where you will be able to enjoy live entertainment and the usual assortment of carnival rides.

Art in the Heart: Located in the Caswell part of Saskatoon in late September, you will find artist vendors, crafts and live local music.

The Saskatoon Fringe Festival: Every August visitors and locals alike will be able to enjoy street performances as well as an alternative theatre that is centred around Broadway Avenue.

SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival: If you like jazz, this is the festival for you. This festival begins in mid-June until the beginning of July. The SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz festival is Saskatoon’s biggest Jazz festival. Enjoy free public performances as well as numerous paid performances that take place in many venues throughout the city.