J1 USA Visa

Pre-register for J1 2016

Programme Fee €95

Free US Employer Jobs Database

Get access to a live J1 jobs database which details J1 employers who have jobs available for 2015.

US Employer Roadshows

Go4Less will inform all our students that have booked when the US Employers are coming to Ireland to hire for 2015.

Free Stopovers

Book your J1 with Go4less and get a Free Stopover!

Free Flight Date Change

Flight date changes before 27th February 2015.

J1 Insurance only €175

Free US Moneycard

With the US Moneycard, employers can pay you directly onto your card eliminating the need to open a US bank account. Your Moneycard can be topped up before going away and your parents can also top it up from Ireland. It is free to use at retail paypoints and accepted everywhere that Mastercard is. See below for even more benefits! Offer runs for a limited time only!

Free US Sim card

Including local US number & 10 minutes credit. Get your US number before you go! No contract required – you can choose from pay-by-the-minute, pay-by-the-day or pay-by-the-month!

Flight Group Bookings

If you're travelling with friends, avail of our unique group flight booking facility where we can ensure that you will travel together on the same flight.

Plus other reasons to book your J1 Visa with Go4less.ie !

  • Exam Failure Insurance - (Optional) Insures you to fly home and resit exams and fly back out to finish your J1.
  • Embassy Appointment - Go4less will book your Embassy appointment - you just tell us when suits you through your online account. You can block out days you have exams, on holidays etc.
  • Lowest Airfares - We are part of the Club Travel group which is the largest Travel Agent in Ireland. This means we can negotiate the best J1 Airfares with all the major airlines including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Delta, Aer Lingus, United Airlines. When you book your J1 with Go4less.ie we give you access to the J1 flight booking engine with a live fares display. You can choose your date of departure, choose airline, flight times which means you can easily choose to book on the exact same flight as friends.
  • Free Stopovers - United Airlines offer one free stopover in New York, Delta offer one stopover in Atlanta or New York.
  • Interest Free Bank Loans - AIB offer interest free overdrafts and student loans to all 3rd level students - call us for more info! J1 Balance not due until March so you don't need your loan until then!
  • Personalised J1 Online A/C - - Where you can track your J1 visa application status, choose flights, insurance & book embassy appointments.
  • Service - We offer a personalised, friendly service - call us, come in and talk to us anytime! You will see for yourself! We guide you through the whole J1 process and you can book personalised appointments to come in and talk to us. We will conduct a pre embassy preparation check to ensure that you have everything ready for your US embassy appointment to avoid delays and refusals.
  • US Moneycard - here are even more benefits: Your card balance can be checked by SMS and transactions can be viewed online.The card can be used at point of sale in store where MasterCard is accepted, at ATMs and online. Domestic point of sale is free so that is the most economical way of using it. You can also withdraw money at an ATM here in Ireland when you return home or transfer direct from your card back to your Irish bank account before you leave the US.
    Parents can also add funds online by credit card. Cardholders can buy a MoneyPak (costs $4.95) in over 50,000 locations in the US, which enables them to load cash (tips, etc) onto the card.
  • US Sim card - The Go4Less US Sim Card includes a local US number & 10 minutes credit! Get your American mobile number before you go so you can give it out to friends, family & potential employers before you head away for the summer!

Go4less J1 - the most flexible J1 Visa in Ireland

J1 Visa 2015 Eligibility:
  • To be eligible for J1 visa 2015 you must be 18-28 years of age at the time of application.
  • You must be attending a full-time course of study of minimum 2 years duration at FETAC level 6 or higher. Or minimum 1 year duration if you are doing a post-graduate course.
  • Your course must potentially lead to a degree or higher qualification.
  • Fulltime students enrolled in their final year at the time of the J1 Visa application for 2015 and up to the time they leave for the United States are eligible for the J1 provided they can show evidence of their intention to return to a job or further education.

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