Canada Visa - Halifax

Halifax, Nova Scotia is a former British Military outpost founded in 1749, visitors will discover this beautiful Canadian city is steeped in history. Halifax is Nova Scotia’s capital city as well as being the largest city in Canada’s Atlantic Provinces.

Known for its rich maritime history and one of the great natural harbours in the world, Halifax is without a doubt a fascinating city. Much of the population have European descendants as in the 19th and 20th Century emigration was high and Halifax was the entry point for immigration to Canada from Europe.

Weather in Halifax

Halifax weather is strongly influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and by its peninsula –like setting. Summers in Halifax are normally pleasant with hot days guaranteed and mild nights. Winters in Halifax are less extreme than in other Canadian cities with lows of -15 degrees Celsius from December to March.

Transportation in Halifax

Public transport in Halifax is operated by Metro Transit who offer reasonably priced bus, rail and ferry services throughout the city. Tickets can be purchased in Drug Stores and Lotto booths around town or with exact change on the buses.

Halifax Airport

Halifax Stanfield International Airport is located in Enfield, Nova Scotia just 30 minutes north of Halifax city centre. Flights to Halifax are regular from main Canadian cities and some US and UK destinations. Flights from Ireland usually connect from Toronto, London or New York.

Jobs in Halifax

Halifax has jobs in IT, Engineering, Construction, Medical fields, Finance, Sales, Marketing and other sectors. Check out the Go4less online jobs boards for Halifax jobs.

Accommodation in Halifax

There are many hostels and reasonable hotels in Halifax to stay in the first few days while you search for longer term accommodation. Comfort Hotel Bayer’s Lake and HI-Halifax Heritage House Hostel at 1253 Barrington Street are highly rated.

Areas to consider for settling are Bedford where lots of "professionals" live and it has a very low crime rate. Clayton Park is closer to the city and is also a good area with lots of apartments for rent. The North End is popular with University students but many families live there too. About 20 mins from the city is Cole Harbour which has plenty of schools and is a good option for families.

Typical rent for a 3bed house is from $1200 while a 1 bed apartment rents from $900 per month.

Nightlife in Halifax

Halifax is home to over 350 restaurants and if you are searching for an amazing night-time experience – look no further than Nova Scotia’s capital, as there are more pubs, clubs and nightlife venues per capita than anywhere else in Canada.

Don’t forget Halifax’s casino, it’s galleries, and museums and much more besides. Halifax is one Canadian city that will certainly leave a lasting impression.

Halifax’s Must See Attractions

National Museum of Immigration

Pier 21 is a former ocean Liner terminal. Today, it functions as Canada’s National Museum of Immigration. Located in the southeast of Halifax, you will find a fascinating museum. You just might find records of relatives who passed through Pier 21 searching for a better life.

Citadel Hill

Here you will find Fort George, the fortified summit of Citadel Hill. Today, it is a National Historic Site in Halifax.

Casino Nova Scotia

During your time in Halifax, don’t forget to visit Casino Nova Scotia. Magnificently situated on the Halifax Waterfront, visitors can soak up the atmosphere and try their luck at the many games on offer.

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

Located in downtown Halifax, visitors can explore Canada’s oldest and largest maritime museum with its spectacular collection of more than 30,000 artefacts, including the CSS Acadia.

Fairview Cemetery

Halifax’s Fairview Cemetery is world renowned for being the final resting place for more than one hundred victims of the sinking of the Titanic.

Province House

Province House, which is Canada’s longest serving legislative building, is known for its stunning Palladian architecture. Founded in 1819, it’s where the Nova Scotia Legislature met on a yearly basis. Visitors can enjoy visiting this exquisite building, which is known as Canada’s oldest house of Government.

Halifax’s Grand Parade

Halifax Grand Parade is a historic military parade square, which dates back to 1749. Halifax City Hall is located at the north end of the Grand Parade with St. Paul’s Church located at the south end. In the middle of Halifax’s Grand Parade, visitors can pay their respects at the cenotaph that was originally built to commemorate soldiers who fought during the First World War.

Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park

The Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park is a great place to visit at any time of the year. It is home to a large number of birds and mammals as well as Shubenacadie Sam – Halifax’s most famous groundhog who every February makes his very popular weather predictions. Enjoy a guided tour of this marvellous wildlife park. It’s a great day out for all the family.

Emera Oval

If you enjoy outdoor activities – you should make your way to the Emera Oval. Halifax’s outdoor skating rink on Halifax Common is very popular with visitors and locals alike. During the winter months, the Oval offers ice skating while during the summer children and adults will be able to enjoy roller and inline skating.

Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Brewery

One of Canada’s oldest breweries, Alexander Keith’s Nova Scotia Brewery is a fantastic Halifax attraction that was founded by the Scot – Alexander Keith in 1820. Located in a massive ironstone and granite building at 1496 Lower Water Street, visitors will certainly enjoy the guided tour of this impressive brewery. Guides who are dressed in period costume will bring you on a detailed tour of this historic brew house and don’t forget to sample Nova Scotia’s finest brew!

Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame

Canada is a sports mad and the residents of Halifax are no different. The Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame remembers and celebrates Canadian athletes and teams who have done so much for the sporting heritage of Nova Scotia.

Hatfield Farm Cowboy Adventures

Located less than 30 mins from the city, Hatfield Farm Cowboy Adventures is a fun day out for the entire family. This family run farm is open all-year round. Visitors will be able to enjoy everything from a wide range of activities including horseback riding, mini-golf, rubber rodeo, wagon rides and don’t forget to visit the petting zoo.

Annual Halifax Events

Busker Festival

This festival focuses on street performers and it takes place along Halifax’s stunning waterfront every August. It is very popular with international tourists and locals alike. Apart from the amazing street performers showcasing their skills, Halifax’s harbour-front comes alive with local artisans selling their wares.

Nova Scotia International Air Show

This annual event takes place every September and it is a great opportunity of seeing talented aerobatic teams from a number of national air forces. It is a great day out for the entire family.

The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo

The Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo takes place every July and it is the world’s largest indoor show. Here you will find a fantastic combination of events ranging from dance, drama, music, gymnastics, military displays and so much more.

The Tall Ships Festival

Halifax hosts the Tall Ships Festival every few years. If you have an interest in sailing, then this is the festival for you. If it is on when you are here in Halifax you will be able to enjoy 30 historic maritime sailing vessels from all corners of the globe.

The Annual Atlantic Jazz Festival

The Annual Atlantic Jazz Festival takes place each July and those attending this fantastic event will have the opportunity of enjoying outstanding performances from international, local and traditional music scenes. Events take place at a number of venues all over the city including outdoor arenas, nightclubs with prices varying depending on the venue.

The Halifax Seaport Beerfest

Munich has Oktoberfest while Halifax has its Seaport Beerfest. In early August, this outdoor event takes place at Seaport Harbourwalk at Terminal and Marginal Streets, showcasing over 140 beers and ciders from Canada and the United States of America. Put it in your calendar to enjoy the music, the scrumptious food – and of course the beer!


Halifax’s annual mid-October Nocturne is a very popular event. But, it only lasts one night. Enjoy this free art museum and gallery walk, which highlights the best of Halifax’s local art scene.

Nova Scotia Visitor Information Centre, Halifax Waterfront

If it is your first time in Halifax a trip to the Nova Scotia Visitor Information Centre will get you orientated with the area. You will receive the best travel advice on where to go in Halifax and Nova Scotia, what to see and do as well as in depth local information. The Nova Scotia Visitor Information Centre is located on the boardwalk at Sackville Landing. It is open all-year round.