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J1 USA Visa - Welcome to Cape Cod

Cape Cod is a beautiful and serene place with 77 beautiful beaches.

If you decide to base your J1 in Cape Cod employers should be looking for seasonal staff. As it is a high profile holiday resort rents may be high. Also there will be a lot of competition so be sure to find accommodation and work ahead of your arrival.

The most popular of all the areas is Hyannais which is in the Mid-Cape region. Here you will find one of the region's largest shopping centres.

General Information

Climate: Because of the influence of the Atlantic Ocean (Which the Irish are used to!) temperatures are typically a few degrees cooler in the summer! Average summer tempurates range from a low of 14 (°C)to a high of 28 (°C).

Culture: Cape Cod has been the home of the Wamponoag tribe of Native American people for many centuries. They survived off the sea and were accomplished farmers. The Natives eventually lost their lands through purchase of expropriation by the British colonists. Currently, there are no indian reservations on Cape Cod. Now the Island is made up of wealthy retired folk during the winter season and during the summer it is made up of tourists who want a beautiful get away!

Transportation: It is fairly simple to get around Cape Cod there is a public transportation network comprising buses operated by three different companies, a rail line, taxis and paratransit services. Also Cape Cod has a huge population of cycliest so it may be an idea to get a bike and cruise on all the bike paths they have! For more information check out: http://www.capecodtransit.org/

For general information on Cape Cod visit:

Jobs and Accommodation

As mentioned before Cape Cod is a huge tourist place in the summer so unfortunately that means loads of competition! Make sure your find a job and accommodation ahead of your arrive if at all possible!! Below are some links that are here to help you!

The most popular area in Cape Cod for accommodation is Hyannis, Falmouth and Dennis Point. Provincetown is the most northerly town on the Cape and has a cool funky atmosphere.

Expect to pay $100-130 per week on accommodation. A very useful website is http://capecod.craigslist.org/hsw/

Other accommodation / job links:

Special events through out the summer!

Now since the summer time is when Cape Cod is booming there will be loads of activities to keep you busy! Some of them include Cape Cod Life Food and Wine Festival starting May 26th! The four day festival will showcase the region’s finest chefs and restuarants through a series of wine dinners and “cultural” happy hours! There are also loads of festivals through out the whole summer season this website has listings:

Now of course there are heaps more to do. Check out a few look at this website:

Night Life in Cape Cod!

Summer night life in Cape Cod is fabulous! It’s a place with tourists and people like you who want an adventure so that is a guarentee for fun. Hot Spots would include The Beachcomber of Wellfleet great for a dance and to meet other people! If you are up for a little more diversity you should check out the Crown and Anchor!But over all here are a few sites that have more fun listings!

Things to see & do on your working holiday in Cape Cod!

Whale watching led by experts at Dolphin Fleet of Provincetown!

Monomoy Theatre! It is a great way to spend a summer evening! There is always lovely plays or comedys.

Cape Cod Celtic Festival

Summer Concerts every Sunday at the First Congregational Church

Be sure to visit Cape Cod’s famous Islands Especially Nantucket! A very popular tourist place to see! From its beautiful scenery to the happening nightlife! Can’t go wrong with this Island!!!

That is a few but for more updates check out the following websites!

Important Info

The Cape is a popular J1 destination, not for just Irish students, but worldwide students, all applying for the same jobs as you. Be aware of this and try to pre-arrange a job before you arrive or early in the season

The above tips provided by Go4Less are intended as a guide only. Go4Less accepts no responsibility for any jobs or housing accepted by students through these resources.