J1 USA Visa - Applying for a Job

J1 USA Visa - Applying for a Job

Applying For A Job

American employers expect C.V’s and we highly recommend to have the updated CV.

C.V. Writing

Tips For the independent participant, the C.V. may be your initial introduction to a prospective employer. It is very important to make your C.V. look good from the start.

When you write your C.V. make sure that you tailor it to the particular position and employer to which you are applying. DO NOT use a generic C.V. and forward it to every employer as the C.V. will look unprofessional and the employer will not take it seriously. For each new position to which you apply, you should create a C.V. written specifically for that position.

After you research a particular position, your C.V. should highlight the particular skills and experiences relevant to that employer/position. Anything which is not relevant can be discarded from that particular C.V.. There are a number of points that you should keep in mind when writing your C.V..

Sell yourself - highlight the skills and experiences relevant to a specific position. Use action words - these words will make your descriptions more powerful. Use reverse chronological order - your most recent work experience should appear first. Check grammar and spelling - some employers will discard a C.V. immediately upon finding a spelling mistake. If English is your second language, and you are not sure whether you have used proper grammar, have a friend or teacher who is more comfortable with the language check your work.

  • Be consistent - use the same format throughout the C.V. (spacing, bullets, bold, italics, etc.).
  • Ensure it is visually appealing - use white paper or light-colored paper and no more than two fonts. If you e-mail your C.V., make sure it is in rich text format or a version of Microsoft Word such as 6.0 which is widely used in the USA. If you fax your C.V., make sure your name is on each page and number each page 'Page 1 of 3', 'Page 2 of 3', etc.
  • Personalize it - the cover letter should not read "To Whom It May Concern". Address your letter to someone by name whenever possible (this requires a little research).
  • Keep your C.V. concise - if possible, make your C.V. no more than one page and don't litter that page with information. Stating your skills, previous employers and a brief description of your role in each past position is adequate.
  • If you e-mail your C.V. and cover letter to numerous employers, be sure to send a separate e-mail to each employer. If an employer can see from your e-mail that you have forwarded your C.V. to other employers you are guaranteed to have your C.V. ignored. · The following web sites will assist you when writing your C.V.. You may also view our sample C.V. and cover letter.
  • Job Star Central - Cover letter and C.V. advice and samples
  • Monster - Cover letter and C.V. resources and samples
Calling Your Prospective Employer

Nothing is more likely to secure your job than a professional and friendly telephone conversation with your prospective employer. A phone call may also be a necessity, as some employers provide only a phone and fax number on the Internet. Faxing your application and C.V. may be risky because employers receive hundreds of C.V.s by fax and may be reluctant to respond to prospective employees from foreign countries. The best way to contact an employer is to call the Human Resource Manager (the person who is in charge of hiring decisions) of the company to which you are applying. This may be an expensive method for obtaining a job, so we recommend that you only use this once you know that you are interested in the company and jobs are available. "Cold calling" (calling for the first time without connections to the company), is difficult and may result in numerous calls before you find someone interested in hiring you. Call those companies you know are looking for seasonal employees.

Also, when calling, please remember the time difference! Most phone numbers will go to offices, but occasionally you may call someone's home, and there is no better way to ensure you're NOT getting a job than disturbing a person and his/her family at 3 am!