J1 USA Visa - Intrax Work Travel Independent Placement Host Company Agreement (IPA)

J1 USA Visa - Paper Work

What Paperwork Do I Need?

If you are offered a job you will need to send your employer the Employment Agreement form and sign this yourself too before sending it to SAYIT.

We suggest once you have made a decision as to which job you will accept that you forward a letter of acceptance to the employer for whom you wish to work and letters of rejection to those employers whose offers you will decline. This is not only very important but it is the polite, expected response.

Nothing is more likely to secure your job than a professional and friendly telephone conversation with your prospective employer. A phone call may also be a necessity, as some employers provide only a phone and fax number on the Internet. Faxing your application and C.V. may be risky because employers receive hundreds of C.V.s by fax and may be reluctant to respond to prospective employees from foreign countries. The best way to contact an employer is to call the Human Resource Manager (the person who is in charge of hiring decisions) of the company to which you are applying. This may be an expensive method for obtaining a job, so we recommend that you only use this once you know that you are interested in the company and jobs are available. (calling for the first time without connections to the company), is difficult and may result in numerous calls before you find someone interested in hiring you. Call those companies you know are looking for seasonal employees.